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About Time

Joel Forrester, piano Rejecting stylistic boundaries in his guises as composer and pianist, Forrester draws from a wide scope of jazz history and new music sources in an inimitable fashion that feels as organic as it is diverting. As a group leader he weaves his supporting players, each as delightfully idiosyncratic as himself, into an …
Donald Elfman

About Us

Ride Symbol came into being in 2004 when Elfman released Ever Wonder Why by Forrester’s quintet of the time, People Like Us. The artist and the label founder had worked before when the latter directed the jazz department for the international company, Koch Entertainment. There were five recordings including a solo outing co-sponsored by Terry …


Vito Dieterle, tenor sax; Kris Kaiser, guitar; Ben Paterson, organ; Aaron Seeber, drums The individual and extraordinary Vito Dieterle on tenor takes on the tenor/organ quartet format with a different and atypical set of tunes – by Tommy Turrentine, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Stanley Turrentine, two by Billy Strayhorn and the simple but beautiful title …


Claire DalyVito DieterleJoel ForresterNate KahnErnie KrivdaErik LawrenceKirk NurockMike RichmondDan RoseKendra Shank

Believe It

People Like Us: RID-CD-6 Track List I Believe It Flip Flop Think....Pretty Just Like Him White Blues The Baker Bounce I Believe It II

Bill’s Hit Tunes

Mike Richmond Trio Mike Richomnd, bass; Andy Laverne, piano; Anthony Pinciotti, drums A sterling trio - bassist Mike Richmond, pianist Andy Laverne and drummer Anthony Pinciotti – exquisitely interpret the eight best known compositions by the legendary artist, pianist/composer Bill Evans.  Includes “Waltz for Debby,” “Turn Out the Stars,” “Funkallero,” “Very Early” and four more! …

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Down The Road

Joel Forrester's Second Nature RID-CD-1 BUY CD

Ernie Krivda & The Fat Tuesday Big Band: Perdido

RID-CD-14 Track List: Back Bone Perdido We'll Be Together Again In A Mellowtone The Big Cat Softly As In A Morning Sunrise Leave Us Leap Deed I Do The Song Is You Jump The Blues Away Jessica's Day Big Bad Band spotify:album:14CCK0zhrUKeWN7dDpc9gz

Ever Wonder Why

Joel Forrester and People Like Us RID-CD-3 Track List: Ever Wonder Why Bebop Cowpoke Mother's Day The Bubble Bunny Boy Serenda As If You Were Here Blue Mary Lou Frank Strozier No Question Prayer For The Living

Furtive Sex

Joel Forrester and The Truth RID-CD-17 Track List Furtive Sex Donald E Get Serious Now Is The Time To Be Careful The End Second Nature I Prefer To Call It Making Love No Praise For Julie Vito's Problem Il Pleut After You, Joel

Half Moon (Live in New York)

BUY CD Download on iTunes Download on Amazon HALF MOON (Live in New York) Kendra Shank & Geoffrey Keezer Alone Together 6:48 (Howard Dietz / Arthur Schwartz) The Music is the Magic 7:33 (Abbey Lincoln) Kneel 8:38 (Jeremy Siskind) Song of Life 4:58 (Norma Winstone / Fred Hersch) Half Moon 4:44 (words: K. Shank / …

I Carry Your Heart

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb & Erik Lawrence Featuring Anat Fort and Maor, Yasmin and Maia Levavi Singer Gottlieb and saxophonist Lawrence play a tribute to the latter’s father – the late, extraordinarily influential saxophonist/ teacher Arnie Lawrence – in this specially-priced two-disc set that features a world of instruments played by the leaders and pianist Anat …

In Heaven

Joel Forrester & People Like Us Joel Forrester, Piano; Claire Daly, baritone sax; Dave Hofstra, bass; Denis Charles, drums People Like Us demonstrates the advantages of a working band.  In addition to bringing a yearning quality to those compositions on which a yearning quality is called for (“Think…Pretty,” for example, or “The Road Ahead”), Claire …

Jazz Radio

Here are links to radio stations who play the music of Ride Symbol artists. CIAMHawaii Public Radio 1Jazz from Gallery 41Kansas Public RadioKAZIKBUTKCCKKCSBKEWUKNTUKVSFKZRASt. Louis Public Radiosoulandjazz.comSouth Dakota Public BroadcastingtaintradioWCPNWDNAWERUWFCFWICNWJSUWMCBWOOCWMOTWMSEWOWD-LPWPRBWRIRWTJUWMCBWVIAWWNOWWSPWWUHWXOJ

Kirk Nurock – Nurock

The striking debut solo piano album – from 1976 – by this most original artist!  Brilliant interpretations of music by Thelonious Monk, John Lewis, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins and more ... plus  “Moonstone Morning” by the artist himself. Track List: Straight No Chaser Skating In Central Park Moonstone Morning Giant Steps A Night …

Kirk Nurock – Remembering Tree Friends/Still At Sea

Kirk Nurock, piano Two classic Nurock outings from the 1990s in one set!  Remembering Tree Friends is a trio – with Harvie S on bass and Bobby Previte on drums – that includes six Nurock originals plus beautiful, individual readings of Burke and Van Heusen’s “Here’s That Rainy Day” and Cole Porter’s “I Love You.”  …

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Dan Rose, guitar RID-CD-26 BUY CD

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Time Painter Cover

NATE KAHN: Time Painter

Nate Kahn, guitar; with Erik Johnson, drums; Jim Stager, bass; Jason Long, keys; Gerry DeLoach, sax; Leon Jordan, Jr., trumpet RID-CD-32 The quality about Nate Kahn and his music that immediately appeals is that he’s fluent in the vocabularies of a host of different genres and styles but is pinned down by none of them. …

New Leaves

Dan Rose, guitar; Claudine Francois, piano Dan Rose's consummate artistry and superb taste are perfectly served in this set of intimate duets with another remarkable musician, Claudine Francois. They work delicate and tasteful wonders on bold, new originals and pointedly chosen covers and demonstrate how true communication and fine listening can create timeless expression. RID-CD-33 …




Rah! Rah!

The Claire Daly Band: Claire Daly, baritone saxophone, flute, vocals; Eli Yamin, piano; Dave Hofstra, bass; Peter Grant, drums Acclaimed baritone saxophonist Claire leads her band and presents a celebration of the unforgettable multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk.  Says Daly, “He was a unique human, as devoted as he was eccentric.”  Claire and her band – …

Ride Symbol Records

The recording label Ride Symbol Records has been re-vitalized. Label founder Donald Elfman has joined forces with former Koch associate, music media expert and musician David Preiser to release and provide distribution for jazz recordings.


Danny Tobias - Silver Linings

Silver Linings

Danny Tobias, trumpet, flugelhorn, e-flat horn; Scott Robinson, tenor sax, flute, tarogato, trumpet; Rossano Sportiello, piano; Joe Plowman, bass; Kevin Dorn, drums "They tell us 'Every cloud has a silver lining?' Get lost, clouds! Thanks to Danny, Joe, Scott, Kevin, and Rossano, we have music that reminds us how good it is to be alive." …

Status Sphere

Vite Dieterle, tenor sax; Joel Forrester, piano Tenor saxophonist Vito Dieterle and pianist Joel Forrester celebrate Thelonious Monk in this vital new duo album that includes six tunes by Monk and five originals, in the spirit of ... – by Forrester. RID-CD-25 BUY CD Track List: Work Crepuscle With Nellie Mock Time Ruby My Dear …

Stop The Music

Joel Forrester, piano RID-CD-002 BUY CD Track List: Stop The Music Summertime in St. Louis Blues Imaginary Paris Fresh Air (Theme Music to NPR's 'Fresh Air with Terry Gross') The Day That You Forgive Me Backtalk Blues in the Morning In The Ring 1000 Pardons Snugglebunnies Evil Dream Lunacy Fate
Krivda Bertoncini cover

The Best Thing For You

Ernie Krivda Quartet with Gene Bertonicni, guitar RID-CD-16 Track List: The Best Thing For You All The Things You Are Mood Indigo Gone With The Wind Strike Up The Band

What You Mean To Me

RID-CD-19 (2 CDs) BUY CD Track List: DISC 1: Where Are You Nerve What You Mean To Me Loser's Blue No Time Well You Needn't Max Of The Desert Mock Time Like The End Of The Movie DISC 2: "In" Time Behind You Soldiers In The Army Did You Ever Want To Cry Beautiful Girl …