About Time

About Time

Joel Forrester, piano

Rejecting stylistic boundaries in his guises as composer and pianist, Forrester draws from a wide scope of jazz history and new music sources in an inimitable fashion that feels as organic as it is diverting. As a group leader he weaves his supporting players, each as delightfully idiosyncratic as himself, into an indivisible whole; as a pianist, Forrester applies the same overall concern with musical design and surprise to his own playing. About Time proves that there are plenty of twists, turns and left field detours that this on-of-a-kind composer and instrumentalist is ready to take us on.

– from the album liner notes by Steve Futterman

Includes the 34-minute tour de force, “Industrial Arts”


Track List:
Daddy Destiny
The Cop-Out
What She Does
Mary’s Blues
Let It Go
Your Little Dog
Industrial Arts