Premiere Recording from the Joel Forrester Trio



What You Mean To Me is the first recording to feature Joel Forrester with his Trio. This ensemble format brings out new facets to his compositions, and the years they’ve spent together are evident in the performances. We’ll let Joel explain (from his notes on the record):

The steady gig!! Not for nothing do improvising musicians deem it the Holy Grail: oft-sought, inevitably lost, sought out again. In its presence, there is concentrated purpose nowhere else available; absent, it seems to shimmer provocatively in a fictional nearfuture.

Only a steady gig allows a band to develop its music, such that the tunes grow their own arrangements; weak moments get sorted out; novelty finds patient encouragement; and interplay achieves a natural balance (natural to the tune being played, I mean; not necessarily to power-relations within the band).


This recording then, provides the fruits of that steady gig. It lasted years, off and on; we were fired and re-fired any number of times. Slowly we got some thirty tunes together. And, after a good stretch of weekly sessions at the place, we made this set. We recorded it, all of it, in an afternoon. And that was as easy as falling out of bed; easier!

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