Record Review of “Down The Road” in The New York City Jazz Record

Ride Symbol Records is pleased to inform you about the latest news for Joel Forrester and his music.  His latest release, “Down The Road”, with his band Second Nature, has been reviewed in The New York City Jazz Record.  (Pg. 15)

“Down The Road”, done by the full quintet with piano-electric bass-drums joined by electric guitarist Manu Codjia (fully conversant in jazz-rock vocabulary) and baritone saxophonist Alex Hamlin (whose legato style and vibrato suggest an amped-up piccolo bass) features a patterned rhythm and stairclimbing melody redolent of King Crimson. On other tracks, Forrester employs such prog rock tropes as with accompaniment record, it’s a strong duet played by two remarkably articulate performers. The ways in which the compositions come together aren’t simple, both players seeming to occupy spaces nearby but not on top of the thematic ideas. At times it even seems like a sort of slow-motion teeter-totter, one on either side but working interdependently, as if the only way one can go up is if the other goes down. Or to cite another law of simple physics, opposites attract and in this case with great appeal.

Read the whole thing in the latest issue.